Research and development of machines with autonomous systems by which they can recognize and judge the circumstances by themselves to behave autonomously have been regarded as important since machines changed to have complicated and intelligent functions. Paying attention to autonomous systems of aquatic animals that have been keeping their lives adapting various circumstances since the birth of lives on earth, this forum, from the view point of bioengineering, aims not only to unveil the locomotion mechanisms of the aquatic animals analyzing the external flows and the autonomous systems having various behavior forms −we name them here aqua-biomechanisms −, but also to develop machines that are tender towards their environments with locomotion function and autonomous control system making reference to the aqua-biomechanisms. The study of the locomotion mechanisms and the autonomous systems of aquatic animals is a creative activity towards the future, because it involves interdisciplinary viewpoint about biology, fluid dynamics, control engineering, instrument engineering, robotics, knowledge engineering, biological engineering and material engineering. Therefore, this forum promotes exchange of information and cooperation among industry and academia spheres to create a new frontier of science and technology.

2. Aquatic Animals to be Studied

Aquatic mammals, fishes, Mollusca, microbes etc.

3. Applications

・ Locomotion machines equipped with new propulsion devices on water, in water, on mud and on ice
・ Underwater robots
・ Amusement vehicles on water and in water
・ Multiple and pliable underwater manipulators attached to submersibles
・ Micromachines for medical treatments and for industrial applications
・ Food processing machines
・ Welfare machines

4. Activities

Because this forum intends to promote the research and development of the locomotion mechanisms and the autonomous systems of aquatic animals based on creative and novel ideas, these priorities are highly respected and guarded even in oralpresentations. The activities are as follows:
(1) regular meetings (twice a year, in March and September),
(2) symposium,
(3) introduction of researches in the world related to this forum,
(4) visits to facilities、
(5) cooperative researches among members,
(6) student session in meeting,
(7) publication and enlightenment,
(8) international cooperative works.

5. Committee Members (2002)

Naomi Kato (Tokai Univ.) Chairman
Motomu Nakajima (Tokyo Inst. of Technology) Accountant
Masayoshi Toda (Tokyo Univ.of Fisheries) Acting Accountant
Tatsuo Kashiwadani (Defense Agency) Auditor
Shunichi Kobayashi (Shinshu Univ.) Web master
Shinichiro Ito (National Defense Academy in Japan)
Shinji Kawamura (Univ.of Tokyo)
Hitoshi Suda (Tokai Univ.)
Seiichi Sudo (Iwaki Meisei Univ.)
Yasunari Takano (Univ. of Shiga Prefecture)
Yasuaki Doi (Hiroshima Univ.)
Minoru Nagai (Univ.of Ryukyu)
Shigeru Nishio (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
Yoshikata Muguruma (Sanko Hatsujyo Co.,Ltd.)
Hirohisa Morikawa (Shinshu Univ.)
Hao Liu (RIKEN)
Tsukasa Murayama (Tokai Univ.) Secretariat

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