1. Paradoxes Promote Science Development

Prof. Baku M. Nagai (University of the Ryukyus, Japan)


2. Some Studies on Biofluiddynamics of Animal Flight and

Prof. Xi-Yun Lu
(University of Science and Technology of China)


3. Synthesis of Complex Bird Flight Behaviors

Prof. Zoran Popović(University of Washington)


4. Implication of Laminar-Turbulent Transition on MAV

Prof. Wei SHYY (University of Michigan, USA)


5. Analysis and Test Methods Used to Develop the Speedo
FSII Swimsuit

Mr. Barry Bixler (Honeywell Engines and Systems, USA)


6. Biosonar and Biomimetic Sonar of Porpoises

Dr. Tomonari Akamatsu
(National Research Institute of Fisheries Engineering, Fisheries Research Agency, Japan)


7. Passive and Active Mechanisms for Trim Control
in Swimming Fishes

Prof. Malcolm S. Gordon (UCLA, USA)


8. Muscle Structure and Function in Swimming Fish

Prof. Johan L. van Leeuwen (Wageningen University)

9. Design and Analysis of Artificial Tail Flukes for
a Bottlenose Dolphin

Dr.Wataru Seki (Bridgestone, Japan)


10. Cetaceans in Aquariums and the Okinawan Waters

Dr. Senzo Uchida (Okinawa-Churaumi Aquarium)


11. Maneuvering and Control of a Biomimetic-Autonomous
        Underwater Vehicle

Prof. Jenhwa Guo(National Taiwan University)


12. Controlling Biomimetic Underwater Robots with
Electronic Nervous Systems

Prof. Joseph Ayers (Northeastern University, USA)


13. Development of Piezo-Composite Actuator LIPCA and
Its Application to Biomimetic Robots

Prof. Kwang Joon Yoon (Konkuk University, Korea)


14. 3-D Unsteady Computations of Flapping Flight in Insects,
Fish and Unmanned Vehicles

   Prof. William C. Sandberg(Naval Research Laboratory)


15. What Can a Biology-inspired Dynamic Flight Simulator
Tell about Insect Flight?

Prof. Hao Liu (Chiba University, Japan)