Keynote Speakers

Six distinguised keynote speakers are planned to have their lectures in the conference:Ÿ

Prof. Takuji Ishikawa, Tohoku Universirty, Japan

"Biological Flow Studies at the Cellular Scale"

Prof. Haecheon Choi, Seoul National University, Korea

"Biomimetic Flow Control for Aerodynamic Performance Enhancement"

Prof. Dr. Charlotte K. Hemelrijk, Universiry of Groningen, Netherland

"The Increased Efficiency of Fish Swimming in a School, a New Computational Model"

Assoc. Prof. Stacey Combes, Harverd University, USA

"Bumblebee Flight Stability in Turbulent and Unsteady, Structured Flows"

Prof. Koji Isogai, Kyusyu University, Japan

"Applications of Flapping Wing Aerodynamics to Animal Locomtion and Micro Aerial Vehicles"

Assist. Prof. Sarah Olson, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA

"Sperm Motility: Hydrodynamics and Mechanics"